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Night transforms what it descends on. It excels at the art of ambivalence. Dark and dense, solitary, rhythmical or cold, nights melt into a thousand faces. The documentary “NIGHT” attempts to infiltrate nocturnal life by going to meet men and women who are the intentional characters in its story. Night monopolizes them at a time when the majority of the population is asleep. By necessity or by choice, they do not live in daylight. What happens once the moon’s veil has fallen? How does the Earth keep turning? Throughout the film we will discover the singularity of the other side of the scene. The rhythm of nocturnal life, its atmosphere, the way it works. Adonis, a Syrian poet, writes in his Mémoires du vent (The wind’s memories) “the night was the paper, we were the ink”. The poet is suggesting that stories are written during the night. And in the magic of his words we feel what this film about nighttime in a city intends to reveal. A film in which night is the star.

  L'Origine du Monde

Technical and artistic sheet:

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  Genre Documentaire
  Director Marc Temmerman
  Script Marc Temmerman
  Production Alizé production
  PAD december 2015
  Length 52 minutes
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