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  Stories of the Trees

Remarkable trees represent a unique natural and cultural heritage that has fascinated people of all ages and throughout history. Hundreds of organisations across Europe are therefore dedicated to the understanding and preservation of these green monuments. Because of their longevity and the generations of men and women who have passed them by, they seem to flirt with the eternal. Because of their unusual size and the ecosystems they host, these giants command respect and admiration. The mysteries that surround them have given rise to numerous legends which have lasted through the ages and continue to inspire us. These venerable trees carry within them the world’s memories, from small day-to-day anecdotes to great natural and historic events.
Through an ambitious original series, "Stories of the Trees" invites us to discover these "ancestors" who populate our forests or our prairies and who hold court along roads or in village centres.
A voyage between nature and culture, at the heart of the oldest and most impressive living organisms on earth!

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Technical and artistic sheet:

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Stories of the trees
  Genre Documentary
  Director Henri de Gerlache – Christophe d’Yvoir
  Script Henri de Gerlache in collaboration with Christophe d’Yvoir
  Production Alizé production – Camera Lucida - Arte
  PAD March 2015
  Version originale French
  Durée 5 x 52 minutes
  Diffusion ARTE
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