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  Corporate Films:


Alizé Production has a catalogue of more than 40 different documentary films, most of which have done the tour of the major international TV channels.

Today Alizé Production wants to put this experience in analysing and processing material required to make a documentary films at the services of companies who want to enhance their image and corporate values.

Alizé Production does not produce classic corporate films or promotional clips, but customised authentic corporate documentaries. This new format is designed to meet the needs for authenticity and truth in corporate communications.

• What is a corporate documentary film?
It is film about a company’s reality viewed via its history and from within the heart of the company. It reveals all the aspects of the business irrespective of size and allows managers and employees to obtain a clear vision of everyone’s role within the company. The goal of these films is not to put over a contrived message, but simply to reveal the reality of a company so that people gain a better understanding and first-hand experience of it.

- This type of film lasts around 15 minutes and can be presented in episodes.

- Customised according to expectations of the company

- These documentaries may be intended for:
  potential investors
  internal communications (seminars, team building)
  looking for new partners
  training or recruitment seminars,
  enriching the content of a website

• Production:

  - The first task is to analyse the company, and explore the premises and the characters
- Filming is carried out by a small team, working on site so as to capture the way the company works, the spirit of the company and the work method. Filming can take place at different periods during the year and vary from 15 to 30 days.
- Film editing with different stages for approval
- Budget adjusted to size and needs of the company
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