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Independent production company created in 1999 by three partners: Bernard de Launoit, Christopher Thompson and Henri de Gerlache. Alize Production always developed its productions around the passions which lead his creators: music, cinema and adventures

Alize Production represents more than forty titles in her catalog which most have been broadcast on the biggest international channels:

  Bernard de Launoit


Bernard organises cultural events such as concerts, international music tours, musical cruises, exhibitions and tours of films/conferences. He has acquired considerable experience in the field of artists and the creative process. He is executive president of the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel.

He has produced around thirty documentary films over the past ten years about culture and exploration adventure including, in 2003, the greatest expedition ever to be filmed on Everest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first ascent. Filming such expeditions led him to join the group that bought the Belgian Film Conferences company called ‘Exploration du Monde’ in January 2006.
Bernard is a music lover at heart and he dedicates a large part of his time, his support and knowledge to different cultural institutions such as the Brussels Philharmonic Society, the Belgian Youth Orchestra, the Ars Musica Festival. He is currently chairman of the Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia and the Music Fund association.
Bernard is an associate and founder of Alizé Production and Arctic Productions.

Bernard de Launoit
  Christopher Thompson


Christopher Thompson is a screenwriter, director and actor and is also the son of the director and screenwriter Danièle Thompson and the grandson of Gérard Oury. He was immersed in cinema from a very young age and decided he wanted an acting career very early on. He has appeared as Saint-Just in the ‘The French Revolution’ by Robert Enrico in 1989, then in films directed by a wide selection of directors such as Bob Swaim (L'Atlantide, 1992), Elie Chouraqui (Les Marmottes, César nomination for Best Male Newcomer), Francis Girod (Délit mineur, 1994) and Laurent Boutonnat (Giorgino.). He has also appeared in international films directed for instance by James Ivory (Jefferson in Paris, 1995), Isabel Coixet (L'Heure des Nuages, 1998) or alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Rimbaud Verlaine (1997).
But it was while working as a screenwriter alongside his mother that he achieved his greatest successes. In 1999, he worked on La Bûche, the first full-length feature film directed by Danièle Thompson. This fruitful partnership continued with the screenplay for ‘Décalage horaire’ in 2002, ‘Fauteuils d'orchestre’, which earned him a César nomination for Best Screenplay in 2007 and another musical, ‘Le Code a changé’, in 2008.
He also worked together with Thierry Klifa on the screenplay for ‘Une vie à t'attendre’ in 2004 and ‘Héros de la famille’ in 2006. His screenwriting activities did not stop him from putting in a magnificent performance before the camera of Vincent Dietschy in Didine (2008).
In 2010 he produced his first full-length feature film ‘Bus Palladium’.

In his role as associate producer of Arctic Productions and Alizé Production, Christopher has helped create a number of documentary films (Profession acteur, Gérard Oury – il est poli d’être gai, Les regards de Sagarmatha, le Trésor, etc.).

Christopher Thompson
  Henri de Gerlache

  Henri de Gerlache has directed around 20 documentary films since 1998. Each of which has enjoyed wide distribution around the world. He started his career directing a series of seven documentaries about on the highest peaks of each continent and finished this work in 2003 with a series of three films about climbing Everest (Les Regards de Sagarmatha – 2003). While continuing to direct adventure and exploration films, he also directed musical films (Fauré un Requiem – 2001) and portraits of artists (Magritte, le jour et la nuit – 2008).
In 2007, he directed
L’Antarctique en Héritage, a documentary that used hitherto unseen archives and exceptional testimonies to trace the adventures of his ancestors on their discovery of Antarctica and their services to science.
His films are always conceived in such a way as to guarantee the best possible comprehension by creating a highly careful narrative even if filming conditions are sometimes fraught with danger (
Le Trésor – 2006).
His last documentary followed the construction of the solar plane by Bertrand Picard and André Borschberg. It was called ‘
Les Ailes du Soleil’ and won 11 international prizes.
Henri de Gerlache is also a screenwriter (currently working on a full-length feature film) and writes books.
In his association with Alizé Production and Arctic Productions, he contributes his creative expertise to the different productions and directs a wide range of films for both organisations

Henri de Gerlache
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